Trainings from Former IL PBIS Network

The Illinois PBIS Network has designed a comprehensive training and technical assistance program for PBIS implementation that includes trainings targeted for specific team members and entire district teams. Each training and technical assistance series focuses on a particular level of intervention (Getting Started/Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Coaches, and Administrator Academy) and includes all of the informational topics critical to understanding and implementing PBIS at that level.

Available Trainings:
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Getting Started with PBIS
 Topic Materials
 Team Initiated Problem Solving (TIPS)
 Classroom Management

        Coaching Classroom Management (EX300)
        Maximizing Structure in the Classroom, Expectations, & Active Supervision
        Strategies to Acknowledge Positive Behavior
        Strategies to Respond to Challenging Behavior
         SWIS 5.0 Update Overview
         SWIS/ISIS Facilitator Training
 Universal Screening

 Topic Materials
 District-based Coaching (EX200)
 Building-based Coaching: Leading the Team (C100)
 Building-based Coaching: Online Systems, Data-based Decision Making (C200)
 Tier 2/Tier 3 District-based Coaching
 Regional Coaches Network Meetings
Tier 1 
 Topic  Materials
 Tier 1/Universal Series
Tier 2
 Topic Materials
 Tier 2/Secondary Series
Tier 3 Training Readiness
 Topic Materials
 Tier 3 Readiness
High School
 Topic Materials
 High School Tier 1
 High School Tier 2 Series
 High School Coaches Network Meetings

Tier 3
 Topic Materials
 FBA/BIP Series
 Wraparound Series
 RENEW Series

Clinician Learning Community Days
 Topic Materials
 Role of the School-based Clinician