Tier 2/Secondary Series

The secondary series can be completed by EITHER:  participating in the first in-person training (Systems and CICO) and then taking the remainder of the series in webinars (CICO TA, SAIG, Groups with Individualized Features), OR the entire series can be completed in 5 two-hour webinars. It is best when the full series is taken in order, but if necessary, you can register for just one specific webinar. 
 To access Secondary Series Training course materials: Click Here

Tier 2 Training Series Description:

 Prerequisite: Universal Systems in Place
  Duration: 1 day on-site, followed by 3 webinars OR series of 5 two-hour webinars

Description: This series will help schools to develop capacity for effective and efficient Secondary Level supports for students.   Schools will establish a Secondary Systems Planning Team, to assist in the creation of a seamless system of support from Tier1/Universal to Tier 2/Secondary.  The secondary systems team will learn how to use universal data to target groups of students in need of Secondary levels of support.

Participants will learn about building your system for secondary, Check-in Check-out, Check-in Check-out Technical Assistance, Social Academic Instructional Groups, and Groups with Individualized Features:
  • Secondary System and CICO In-Person
  • Secondary Systems Webinar
  • CICO Webinar
  • CICO TA Webinar
  • SAIG Webinar
  • Groups with Individualized Features Webinar
Objectives of the Series:
  • Create a Tier 2/Secondary Intervention system, including team creation and team members’ roles and responsibilities
  • Design a process for effective communication and data sharing between Tier 1/Universal and Tier 2/Secondary
  • Use Tier 1/Universal and Tier 2/Secondary data and other referral sources to identify student in need of supports
  • Learn how to use data for decision-making and on-going progress-monitoring, knowing when to add more interventions, and how/when to exit students from interventions. 
  • Learn about each of the interventions in the secondary series, install the interventions, and check for fidelity of the intervention
  • Understand how to apply the critical features of Tier 2/Secondary interventions
  • Action Plan: Teams will design their Tier 2/Secondary Systems
Who Should Participate: Personnel who provide leadership in developing and implementing secondary intervention plans for groups of students with at risk academic/behavioral/emotional challenges including administrators, special education personnel, social workers, counselors, school psychologists, behavior specialists, general education teacher representation, Secondary/Tertiary District Coaches and other staff participating in the Tier 2/Secondary and Tier 3/Tertiary Systems Planning Teams.

Participants Should Bring or Have During Webinar: 
  • Tier 1/Universal data in "Big 5" format (time of day, location, type of behavior, consequence, per individual student)
  • Total ODRs for last school year and “triangle data” for last school year (# of students with 0-1ODRs, # of students with 2 - 5 ODRs, # of students with 6+ ODRs)
  • List of all plans/policies/data for Tier 2/Secondary 
  • Descriptions and data related to current group interventions currently in place in your school
Recommended Resource- Responding to Problem Behavior in Schools: The Behavior Education Program by Crone, Horner, Hawken