Performance Targets

For performance indicators related to compliance (i.e., Indicators 11,12, 13, 15, 16, 17 and 20):

  • The target cannot be less that 100%

  • A clear description of the difference must be included in the APR if the data indicates less than 100%

  • "100%" means that when noncompliance is identified, it must be corrected within one year-- and that it remains corrected

Bottom Lines for the SPP

Minimum requirements for the SPP include:

  • Improvement activities that are designed to meet targets

  • Targets aligned with the indicator that are measurable and reflect improvement

  • Clear and measurable data

  • Data are valid and reliable

  • Required information is included (i.e. the state's definition of significant discrepancy, accounting for untimely evaluations, etc.)

Determinations and Enforcement

The IDEA specifies four possible options as a way for designating the status of each LEA/EIS program:

  1. Meets Requirements
  2. Needs Assistance
  3. Needs Intervention; and 
  4. Needs Substantial Intervention.
As implied, these categories represent various intensities of technical assistance and/or intervention. Each State is required to make such a determination using these categories for each and every LEA within the state on an annual basis.