Indicator 18: Resolution Sessions

Indicators 15-19 are state specific and data collected for these indicators is not part of the reports each district provides.




Indicator 15: Timely Correction of Noncompliance

General supervision system (including monitoring, complaints, hearings, etc.) identifies and corrects noncompliance as soon as possible but in no case later than one year from identification

Indicator 16: Complaints

Percent of signed written complaints with reports issued that were resolved within 60-day timeline or a timeline extended for exceptional circumstances with respect to a particular complaint, or because the parent (or individual or organization) and the public agency agree to extend the time to engage in mediation or other alternative means of dispute resolution, if available in the State

Indicator 17: Due Process Hearings

Percent of adjudicated due process hearing requests that were adjudicated within the 45 day timeline or a timeline that is properly extended by the hearing officer at the request of either party or in the case of an expedited hearing, within the required timelines.

Indicator 18: Resolution Sessions

Percent of hearing requests that went to resolution sessions that were resolved through resolution session settlement agreements.

Indicator 19: Mediation Agreements

Percent of mediations held that resulted in mediation agreements.

Indicator 20: State Reported Data

State reported data (State Performance Plan and Annual Performance Report) are timely and accurate.