Indicator 3: Statewide Assessment

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Participation and performance of children with disabilities on statewide assessments:

    (a) Percent of the districts with a disability subgroup that meets the State’s minimum “n” size that meet the State’s AYP targets for the disability          

    (b) Participation rate for children with IEPs.

    (c) Proficiency rate for children with IEPs against grade level, modified and alternate academic achievement standards.

Snapshot Summary

As a result of NCLB, students with IEPs must be included in statewide assessments and are expected to perform proficiently on these exams. The plan for 3A was to have 85% of districts with a disability subgroup with minimum ‘n’ to meet AYP targets for the disability subgroup in 2012. This target was not reached; 20.0% of such districts met targets. The plan for 3B was that the participation rate for reading and math would be 95% by 2012. This target was met; participation rates were 98.4% for reading and math. The plan for 3C was that the proficiency rate would be 42% for reading and 40% for math by 2012. This target was not met; proficiency rates were 23.0% for reading and 26.7% for math.

The annual report suggests that scores for students with and without IEPs decreased due to alignment of these exams with the more rigorous Common Core standards.

Investigative Questions

  • Why did the district not meet participation rate?

  • What were the reasons and were they documented on why participation did not take place?

  • What are the districts steps to ensure all students are tested?