Indicator 5: School-Age Educational Environments

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Percent of children with IEPs aged 6 through 21 served:
  • Inside the regular class 80% or more of the day;

  • Inside the regular class less than 40% of the day; and

  • In separate schools, residential facilities, or homebound/hospital placements

Snapshot Summary

Historically, Illinois has been well below the national average in this indicator, educating fewer students in 5A and placing more students outside their home district/schools. The plan was for 5A to be 52%, 5B to be 18.5%, and 5C to be 3.9% by 2012. Targets for 5A and 5B were met; 5A was 53.5% and 5B was 14.6% in 2012. The target for 5C was not met; 5C was 6.5% in 2012.

Investigative Questions

  • Does the district provide training opportunities for special education teachers in identified districts, along with all districts, on the process of the justification of placements and necessity of the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)?

  • Create questions for staff to ask during the IEP team meeting to consider when determining the students LRE. For example:
    • Are services required outside the classroom? 
    • In what ways can we support the student to be able to make progress in the general education setting? 
    • What are the positive and negative consequences of having the child included or excluded from regular education classes?