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Requests for Professional Development and TA in 2014-15

The individual technical assistance projects, PBIS, IATTAP, PEP, and CHOICES, which fell under the umbrella of the Illinois Statewide Technical Assistance Collaborative (ISTAC), have been integrated into a single service entity. In addition to the structural reorganization, the focus of the training and technical assistance and the way in which those services will be provided has changed. The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), which funds ISTAC as part of the overall statewide support system for schools, has directed ISTAC to primarily concentrate its technical assistance efforts in targeted districts identified by data.

Going forward, the training offered by ISTAC will center on building capacity for the implementation of a multi-tiered system of supports within the context of school improvement. Content will be systemic and holistic in nature, with a core of evidence-based practices, although no longer project specific. Trainings will be open to any interested parties and will be scheduled on a statewide training calendar managed by the Illinois Center for School Improvement. It is anticipated that these trainings will begin to be offered in late fall. They will be offered regionally across the state to ensure equal access by all districts. The technical assistance and coaching provided to support the training content will, as noted earlier, only be available to those districts identified by ISBE as needing additional supports. Those districts will be notified of status by ISBE once the determination is made.

ISTAC recognizes that there are districts across Illinois that have already invested time and effort into the implementation of one or more of the individual project structures and practices. Those districts can find some support for their on-going efforts in existing online resources such as recorded webinars, PowerPoints, and tools, which are still available at Additional supports for current PBIS implementation were presented at the Fall Leadership Conference, including sessions that provided specific PBIS content as well as sessions that introduced the concept of an integrated MTSS. The PBIS specific sessions were designed to assist districts looking for support as ISTAC makes this transition in service focus and delivery. Click here for the Fall 2014 MTSS Conference Presentations & Handouts.

Additional resources that may be available and meet the needs of districts seeking specific or individualized training include local special education cooperatives, private technical assistance agencies, independent contractors, and national technical assistance centers.

We appreciate your desire to learn and implement evidence-based practices to achieve improved outcomes for all students. We are tracking all requests by topic/content so that we can make good, data-informed decisions about how, within our new framework, we can best meet the needs of Illinois’ districts. If you have a specific content are of interest, please send your training/TA request to

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Laying the Groundwork: Preparing to Build a Multi-Tiered System of Supports within the Context of Continuous School Improvement 
(Note: This is a four unit series. Although there are no prerequisites, it is recommended that these units be completed in order.)

Unit 1: Effective and Sustainable Systems

Dec16 - Westmont       Dec17 - Bloomington   Dec18 - Carterville


           Adaptive School Foundation Seminar - Mt. Vernon, IL - Jan/Mar 2015

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 Adaptive Schools Foundation  Seminar 
    (Note: this is a four-day training)
Jan 21 - 9am-4pm
Jan 22 - 8am-2pm
Mar 18 - 9am-4pm
Mar 19 - 8am-2pm
             Adaptive School Foundation Seminar - Mt. Vernon, IL - Jan/Mar 2015

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